Celeste Williams is a nurse practitioner, former foster parent, mother and community advocate running for Congress in the third congressional district to fight for Arkansas families.

Celeste has been a nurse for 23 years. A champion for access to affordable quality healthcare, Celeste sees people every day who are struggling to pay for medical care and prescriptions. For far too many a trip to the clinic or hospital means they must make a choice of paying rent, putting food on the table, or paying for needed medication.  

Celeste is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.


She works as a family nurse practitioner, and is a member of the Arkansas Nurses Association, and Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association. She is active in her community through Rotary and her church. She lives just outside of Bella Vista with her husband, four children, chickens, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, 2 peacocks, 3 ducks, 2 rabbits, and a bearded dragon.


A champion for health care and expanding economic opportunity

Celeste is running for Congress to expand economic opportunity and create good-paying jobs for Arkansas working families.

     As a mom and nurse practitioner, she has what it takes to fight for common-sense policies that grow our economy and give all Arkansans the chance to thrive in their communities. She is dedicated to protecting and expanding all Arkansans’ access to high-quality, affordable health care. Celeste believes that our seniors, many of whom are living on a fixed income, shouldn’t have to choose between food and paying for their medications, she will work to lower drug prices for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. 

     Celeste is concerned about the high cost of pre-k and higher education. She believes saddling our youth with massive personal and national debt, stagnant wages,  and leaving them a country with an uninhabitable planet is morally reprehensible. She is concerned by the fact that 43% of Americans cannot meet their basic needs, giving people a ladder out of poverty through educational and economic opportunity strengthens our middle class and grows our economy creating more revenue to be reinvested in Arkansas communities. Celeste believes in a worker's bill of rights that protects Arkansans. In Congress, Celeste will fight to defend hardworking Arkansans’ economic security.