Arkansans vote 3-1 against bill to remove tributes to racists from U.S. Capitol

Max Brantley

"The U.S. House voted 305-113 Wednesday to remove statues of Confederacy and slavery backers from the U.S. Capitol as well as a bust of Roger B. Taney, the chief justice who wrote the decision denying citizenship to Black people. All the no votes were cast by Republicans. Republican Reps. Rick Crawford, Bruce Westerman and Steve Womack voted against the legislation."


Arkansas Times

State politicians favor masks, diverge on mandates

Frank Lockwood

"Mandatory masks might be unpopular. But sometimes leaders have to 'make hard decisions that are the right thing for the people that they serve,' Williams said... 'Each and every one of us should be modeling good behavior, including the president. He certainly has an enormous platform... of influence, and I think he should use it for good.'"


Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Nurse gives advice on sending your students back to school

Haley Berley

“It’s about making sure that your children are getting the educational opportunities and preparation that they need to be successful in life, versus balancing the health of your family,” [Williams] said.



Trump Statistically Tied With Biden in Arkansas, Struggling With Independent Voters: Poll

Christina Zhao

"A new poll shows President Donald Trump's lead over presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Arkansas and his approval rating diminishing as he struggles with reaching independent voters. In the latest Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College poll, released Sunday, Trump statistically tied with Biden in Arkansas."



Poll: Independents dissatisfied with Trump, Cotton; Biden competitive in Arkansas

Talk Business & Politics staff

"President Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., are struggling with independent voters in Arkansas less than five months before Election Day. A new survey from Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College shows that Trump and Cotton have negative job approval ratings with voters, with independents giving them low marks by a double-digit margin."


Talk Business & Politics

Trump statistically tied with Biden in Arkansas: poll

Rebecca Klar

"Donald Trump and Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are in statistical dead heat in Arkansas, according to a new poll."


The Hill

Confederacy debate splits state's delegation; some are open to review of removals

Frank Lockwood

"I agree with the Senate Armed Services Committee as well as NASCAR, elected officials across the county, business leaders, and the many others who have announced it's time to re-examine the tributes to those who fought against the United States of America in order to protect an economic system built on the enslavement of black people," Williams said in a written statement.


Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Congressional candidate hits governor for changing tune on absentee voting, urges action

Max Brantley

“The number one responsibility of public officials is to keep people safe. Mailing in a ballot is far safer during a public health crisis than going to the polls in person, especially for those in high-risk categories.” Williams said.


Arkansas Times

Virus leads to virtual campaigns

Doug Thompson

"Celeste Williams is the Democratic challenger to Third District Rep. Steve Womack, R-Rogers. She also said the pandemic curtailed campaigning but sends a strong message."


Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Celeste Williams picks up Sen. Elizabeth Warren endorsement

Talk Business and Politics Staff

“I’m honored to have Sen. Warren in our corner,” said Williams. “Like Sen. Warren, I believe we must tear down the economic barriers that prevent everyday Arkansans in District 3 from reaching their goals."


Talk Business and Politics

Congressional hopeful sees time to slow sickness; practitioner faces GOP’s Womack

Talk Business and Politics

"One of the benefits of doing that is that we hopefully are able to slow it enough to prevent our health care system, our hospitals, from being overrun by the number of people who will be ill."


Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Q&A with 3rd District congressional candidate Celeste Williams

Stephannie Lane Baker

"I believe you shouldn’t go broke if you get sick, and we all have a right to good health care. That’s why I’m running for U.S. Congress."


Arkansas Times

Notes from the Campaign Trail

Talk Business and Politics Staff

“I’m honored to have Representative Garner support my campaign in this way. We share a common background and common goals for the state of Arkansas. We both want to provide people with the best opportunities to thrive – accessible healthcare, quality education, and fair wages.” Williams said.


Talk Business and Politics

Congressional candidate Celeste Williams on impeachment, drug prices, 2020 campaign

Talk Business and Politics

“As far as impeachment the President has withheld funds to Ukraine, and then hid this fact, and certainly, I think, really, his own words speak a lot more to the issue than the rhetoric that’s going on in Washington right now.”



Democrat challenging Womack raises nearly $63,000 in third quarter

Frank Lockwood

"Williams, a nurse practitioner, entered the race in August. In a news release, the campaign emphasized its small-dollar donor support, noting that 294 of its 451 individual donors had contributed $50 or less."


Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Nurse to run against Womack in 2020

Southwest Times Staff

“My training as a healthcare provider taught me to listen, diagnose the problem, and then create a plan for a solution,” said Williams. “Every Arkansan should be able to access healthcare without being afraid they can’t keep food on the table or roofs over their heads.”


Southwest Times

HEROES Act will help those who need it most

Celeste Williams

“It seems he’s happy to allow the deficit to balloon for massive tax cuts for the billionaire class and multinational corporations who fund his campaign, but he can’t bear the thought of spending money that will actually help everyday Arkansans,” Williams said in a news release.


Southwest Times

Rep. Womack angers single moms at town hall

Max Brantley

"Republican Rep. Steve Womack, not known for his diplomacy in the best of circumstances, stepped in it at a town hall in Rogers last night. He was unapologetic, of course. He met a lot of constituents unhappy with his stand on immigration, the environment and other issues, but drew sharp blowback when he seemed to link gun violence to single-parent homes."


Arkansas Times

Steve Womack’s budget is bad news for the old, poor and sick. Also: Tax-cut report card shows straight Fs.

Max Brantley

"Rep. Steve Womack, as chair of the House Budget Committee, took the lead yesterday in introducing a Republican budget plan aimed at fixing growing deficits. “A Brighter Future,” the GOP is spinning it. He didn’t mention that rising deficits were made worse by the tax cut for the rich he supported. Nor did he mention the pain his budget will cause millions of Americans."


Arkansas Times

Mahony slams Womack for calling Haiti and African nations “depraved”: “Steve Womack is trafficking in racist comments”

David Ramsey

"As noted on the blog yesterday, Womack, attempting to explain controversial statements reportedly made by the president, told 40/29 News that 'if you’re only appealing to people from countries that are behind the times, depraved countries, if that’s the element you’re appealing to … we should make the same or a better appeal to people from other European countries that can come in here and actually fit into the society as we know it.'"


Arkansas Times