Official releases from the Campaign to Elect Celeste Williams

Pandemic Concerns Highlight Need for Universal Healthcare and Paid Leave

FEB 28, 2020

"Growing concerns of a coronavirus pandemic underscore the importance of universal healthcare and paid leave for employees."

Nurses Unite in Congressional Bid: Denise Garner to serve as Honorary Campaign Chair for U.S. Congressional Candidate Celeste Williams

FEB 05, 2020

“I’m honored to have Representative Garner support my campaign in this way. We share a common background and common goals for the state of Arkansas."

Democrat Celeste Williams Shows Strong Fundraising Finish, Voter Outreach in 2019

JAN 17, 2020

“We’re a people-powered campaign with a people-centric message, and I’m proud of the movement we are building.”

Historic fundraising for Democrat Celeste Williams shows Arkansans eager for change

OCT. 16, 2019

“I’m so humbled by the outpouring of support from all over our District. My campaign’s success isn’t about fundraising, though, it’s about people.”

Celeste Williams is a featured speaker at Young Democrats of Arkansas Fall Conference

NOV. 16, 2019

"I’m running for Congress to do everything in my power to reduce the suffering of not just the patient in front of me, but the hundreds of thousands of people in District 3 who deserve quality, affordable healthcare, educational opportunities, and a living wage."

Democratic Congressional Candidate Celeste Williams Issues Statement on Soleimani Assassination

JAN. 03, 2020

“There is no question that General Soleimani was ​r​esponsible for the deaths of many Americans. The question is did this action make us safer? "

Senate Impeachment Decision is Disappointing but Unsurprising

FEB 06, 2020

“I am disappointed in the Republican Representatives who voted to protect their own power rather than holding the President accountable for his actions."

Rationing Healthcare is Immoral: Medicaid Block Grants are not a Solution to Healthcare Savings

FEB 06, 2020

"There is a healthcare emergency headed toward Arkansas, and we must take action. When I am your Congresswoman I will always be out on the front lines, just like I am now as a nurse practitioner, fighting for the people of District 3."

Budget Deficit Soars Under Current Administration

OCT. 28, 2019

"Our current administration talks a lot about reducing the deficit, but what we’re seeing is increased spending and huge tax cuts for multinational corporations and billionaires - on the backs of working families.”

Family Nurse Practitioner Celeste Williams Files to Run for U.S. Congress to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

NOV. 04, 2019

"I’m running for Congress because Washington is broken. If we want different results we need to send different people."

Celeste Williams Supports Vote To Lower Prescription Costs, U.S. Rep. Steve Womack Votes NO

DEC. 12, 2019

"Congress has the power to reduce the financial burden that too often prevents people from getting the medications they need. This extreme vote shows our current Congressman can't be counted on when it matters most."

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