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Historic fundraising for Democrat Celeste Williams shows Arkansans eager for change

BELLA VISTA -- Third Congressional District Candidate Celeste Williams closed her first quarter of fundraising with $62,946.52 raised from 451 individual contributors and $0 from special interest PACs. It is a historic accomplishment for a Democrat in the Third District to raise this much money so early in an election cycle. Arkansans are excited about her candidacy and ready to flip the Third.

“I’m so humbled by the outpouring of support from all over our District. My campaign’s success isn’t about fundraising, though, it’s about people,” said Williams. “As I visit with Arkansans I repeatedly hear they are tired of the extreme partisanship that makes it impossible to get anything done. We all know Washington is broken, if we want different results we need to send different people.”

All of the money Williams raised came from individual donors. Williams’ 451 individual donors averaged $138 each with 294 giving $50 or less.

In contrast, incumbent Representative Steve Womack raised just 47% of his funds from individual donors. Corporate and special interest PACs like Comcast Cable Corporation, Experian, and Koch Industries contributed a total of $75,300 to Congressman Womack just this quarter alone.

“I know my opponent will outraise and outspend us in this campaign but we are going to outwork him,” said Williams. “We are building a broad-based, grassroots movement of Arkansans who are frustrated by politicians who say they are on the side of working people but vote for policies that favor the large corporations that fund their campaigns.”

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