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Budget Deficit Soars under Current Administration

BELLA VISTA -- The US Treasury Department recently announced a nearly $1 trillion budget deficit, growing about 26% in the past year alone. A soaring debt leaves us in a bad position worldwide - unable to meet our obligations - and we’re paying nearly $400 billion in interest payments alone.

“Our current administration talks a lot about reducing the deficit, but what we’re seeing is increased spending and huge tax cuts for multinational corporations and billionaires - on the backs of working families,” said Williams. “If we want better results from Washington, we need to elect better leaders. I call on my opponent, and all Arkansas Congressional Representatives, to employ fair taxation and urge this administration to cut its exorbitant spending. It’s ludicrous that Amazon pays ZERO is taxes while hard-working Arkansas families struggle.”

BIOGRAPHY: Celeste Williams is a nurse practitioner, mother, adoptive mother, wife, and community servant. She is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Celeste is running for Congress because she believes extreme partisanship creates ineffective leadership and is a threat to our Democracy. The citizens of Arkansas’s Third District must be healthy and educated in order to earn a good wage. Celeste will always put people over party and fight for every Arkansan. Celeste lives just outside of Bella Vista with her husband, four children, several chickens, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, 2 peacocks, 3 ducks, 2 rabbits, and a bearded dragon.

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