Celeste Williams v. Steve Womack on the Issues


Celeste believes healthcare is a human right and supports expanding Medicare to provide universal health coverage for all

Steve voted 54 times to repeal the ACA and leave tens of millions more uninsured


Celeste supports universal pre-K, increasing teacher pay, and making college more affordable

Steve opposes forgiving student loan debt or trying to make college affordable


Celeste supports increasing the federal minimum wage, ensuring trade deals and tax policy are fair to workers, and equal pay for women

Steve voted to allow companies to export American jobs overseas, opposed equal pay for women, and opposed increasing the federal minimum wage.

Immigration Reform:

Celeste supports compassionate, family-centric, comprehensive reforms that value the talents and hard work of immigrants seeking a better life.

Steve supports spending billions to build a border wall, separate families, detain children and brought the 287(g) program to Arkansas.

Federal Taxes and Spending:

Celeste supports everyone paying their fair share, lower taxes on workers, and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

Steve voted for a $1.5 trillion tax cut for billionaires and multinational corporations and increased the national debt to a record high.


Celeste supports rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and strengthening, not weakening, environmental protections.

Steve denies that climate change is man-made.

Gun Violence Prevention:

Celeste supports comprehensive federal background checks, banning 3D printed firearms and high-capacity magazines, and disarming domestic abusers.

Steve told voters at a town hall that gun violence was caused by single parents; voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

Cannabis Regulation:

Celeste supports regulating cannabis like we currently do alcohol and expunging past cannabis possession convictions.

Steve voted against allowing states to legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis, and against ending federal cannabis prohibition.

Corporate PAC Money:

Celeste has taken $0 of corporate PAC money.

Steve has taken $3,504,685.28 (and counting).