Demanding Social and Racial Equity

The words “Equal Justice Under the Law” are engraved on the Supreme Court building in Washington. It is inexcusable that across all spheres - legal, political, social, financial, educational - there are vast inequities in our society for marginalized communities.

Despite advances made through the persistence, moral leadership, and dedication of civil rights leaders and activists, social and racial inequities persist largely in part because of the discriminatory policies and institutional racism that have limited or outright denied opportunities to whole generations of people. We must address inequity head-on with policies specifically designed to remedy its deeply entrenched sources.

Celeste supports social and racial justice policies that will:

  • Ensure everyone has the right to love whoever they love without fear of discrimination

  • Ban the discriminatory and predatory practices that allow banks to earn billions in profits by charging high fees, fines, and interest rates to their most marginalized customers

  • Seek alternatives to using local property taxes to fund public schools because what zip code you live in shouldn’t determine the quality of education you receive

  • Fund research to find ways to reduce disparities in health outcomes between white and non-white patients

  • Increase the federal minimum wage to $15

  • End housing discrimination practices like “redlining” that still exist even though they are illegal

  • Expand federal affordable housing programs to help historically marginalized communities have opportunities to build wealth through homeownership

  • Looking at areas with high rates of poverty as communities critical to support and invest in, rather than areas to ignore and avoid

  • Make it easier for people to vote by offering states grants to implement automatic voter registration and making Election Day a federal holiday

  • Restore the Voting Rights Act which protects against voter suppression targeted at communities of color

  • Strengthen laws against domestic terrorism in order to combat the rise of white nationalist violence and other hate crimes

  • Requiring de-escalation and racial sensitivity training for law enforcement officers

  • Ending mass incarceration and for-profit prisons