Ending Government Corruption

Celeste believes democracy is the best way for a society to govern itself.  We strengthen democracy by making it easier for individual citizens to participate in it.  Our democracy is weakened when powerful and wealthy special interests have more influence than individual voters.  When individual citizens control their government, individual liberties are protected.

Accountability and transparency in government will be a top priority, and large corporations and foreign governments must be prohibited from attempting to affect American elections.

Celeste supports reform to end corruption including:

  • Ending “dark money” in politics by requiring disclosure of donations made to Super PACs and corporate entities that spend money on behalf of candidates and campaigns and passing legislation that overturns Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that allows limitless political spending by corporations in elections

  • Requiring states to automatically register eligible individuals to vote and restoring the Voting Rights Act 

  • Non-partisan redistricting commissions to prevent the unfair manipulation of legislative and Congressional Districts in order to benefit a particular political party

  • Congress doing their job as required by the Constitution to provides checks and balances of executive branch overreach and corruption

  • Increasing protections under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to make government more transparent