Honoring Veterans

Arkansas is ranked fourth among states for highest rate of veterans in poverty and third highest for veterans with a disability. Celeste believes that these heroes have earned the utmost respect and care for serving our country. No veteran in this country should be homeless, and lacking medical treatment they were promised.

As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, Celeste also believes that honoring veterans means ensuring that diplomacy, rather than deadly combat, is the primary way to mediate international conflicts.  It is essential that when we must use military force we have clearly defined objectives and a clear plan for managing the consequences of military intervention.   

Celeste supports policies that honor our veterans by:

  • Improving the VA system by streamlining disability benefits, ensuring they have the appropriate providers and equipment to meet veterans’ needs, expanding mental health services, and rejecting Republican efforts to privatize the VA

  • Offering tax incentives to organizations that train and hire veterans

  • Fighting to ensure veterans receive the disability pay and retirement benefits they deserve

  • Ending policies that discriminate against those who are serving and want to serve our country

  • Penalizing companies that try to scam veterans

  • Ensuring a pathway to citizenship for veterans