Preventing Gun Violence

As a nurse for over 20 years, Celeste knows that gun violence is a public health issue. Over 100 Americans die every single day because of gun violence. The vast majority of Arkansans - gun owners included - support public safety measures to reduce this burden of gun violence in our communities. 

The term gun violence encompasses many types of violence - homicide, unintentional shootings, officer involved shootings, and suicide by gun are all gun violence.

Gun violence is a complex problem in America, and the solutions, therefore, are necessarily complex and multi-faceted, as well.

Celeste supports gun violence prevention policies including:

  • Increased funding for school-based social and emotional health programs and suicide prevention programs, including more social workers and school counselors

  • Treating gun violence prevention as the public health issue it is, and, therefore, properly funding and supporting non-partisan research to determine the best ways to treat it

  • Federal, comprehensive criminal background checks, without loopholes and with extended waiting periods, to keep guns out of dangerous or impulsive hands

  • Repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, so that gun manufacturers are held accountable for the part they play in gun violence

  • Mandating technology, like radio-frequency identification, biometric trigger locks, and micro-stamping that make accidental discharges and gun thefts less likely

  • Banning 3D printing of firearms

  • A federal ban on buying, selling or using high capacity magazines; since whether or not a state has such a ban is the single best predictor of mass shooting rates in that state

  • Implementing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO), like the law implemented in Connecticut which has reduced firearm suicide rates by 14% since implementation. ERPO laws prevent tragedies like murders and suicides while guaranteeing due process

  • Disarming all domestic abusers - including dating partners, stalkers, and family members - not just married partners. When abusers have access to firearms, domestic violence victims are five times more likely to die.

  • Stronger penalties for gun traffickers who illegally move firearms across borders.