Protecting Public Health

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the systemic weakness in our ability to quickly respond to new contagious diseases and protect public health. Developing a robust, well-funded, data-driven public health system will save lives and prevent future economic crises.

Celeste supports federal efforts to protect public health, including:

  • Developing a robust public health infrastructure that will minimize illness and economic disruption during pandemics by ensuring: that every person in America can quickly get tested, re-tested, and treated for the coronavirus and any future contagious diseases as well as the disease antibodies; every state health department has the ability to trace and contact those who have been in close touch with persons-testing positive for a contagious disease; the widespread availability of a reliable, safe vaccine

  • Creating a federally-mandated paid sick leave program so that every worker in America who is ill, or cares for people who are ill can take off of work to care for themselves and their families and not risk exposing others

  • Ensuring the national stockpile has ample, up-to-date, and functioning equipment like ventilators, testing equipment, and personal protective equipment required to treat patients and keep healthcare workers safe during times of pandemic

  • Protecting our country against pandemics by properly funding the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and state health departments so they can trace, track, monitor, and prevent contagious diseases before they get out of control using the latest contact-tracing technology

  • Creating a public non-profit pharmaceutical company that can manufacture key generic drugs here in the United States to ensure their availability, affordability, and safety

  • Permanently increasing reimbursement rates for telehealth visits to ensure patients can always receive the care they need