Defending Reproductive Rights

The discussion around reproductive rights has been a politically divisive issue for decades; it has been turned into a political weapon used by politicians to demonize and dehumanize political opponents. Our debate on this topic has left us as a nation virtually paralyzed with inaction on addressing root causes of unplanned pregnancies. Celeste believes we must strip away the animus through which reproductive rights are discussed in order to move forward on achieving the outcome we all want - to make sure that every baby born in our country is born into loving, welcoming families.

Deciding when and if to start a family is both a deeply personal and an economic decision. Celeste will work to build a future that protects the right of all women to have children, the right of all women to not have children, and the right to bring children up in a safe and healthy environment. In Arkansas, where our teen pregnancy rate is highest in the nation and our maternal death rate is fifth, women need access to the contraceptive methods that best suit their needs.

Celeste envisions a society in which all parents have the services and support they need to raise their family, including help for parents of special needs children, universal pre-k, and an adequate social safety net for those who need it. 

Celeste supports reproductive rights policies that:

  • Strongly and unequivocally support Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion

  • Ensure access to contraception of choice, sexually transmitted infection prevention and care, comprehensive sex education, prenatal care, safe home and work environments, and adequate wages 

  • Guarantee reproductive health coverage as part of all healthcare coverage

  • Protect federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides necessary preventative medical care for millions of people including life-saving cancer screenings and safe and affordable access to contraception

  • Repeal the Hyde Amendment, which blocks abortion coverage for women under federally funded health care programs like Medicaid, the VA, and the Indian Health Service.