Protecting the Environment

Our environment is our most precious resource and keeping our planet habitable must be our top priority.  In Congress, Celeste will support measures that fight the destruction caused by climate change and champion government action that mitigates its effects and will reject efforts to rollback environmental protections that keep us safe.

As a mother and concerned citizen, Celeste believes the looming threat of climate change can not be ignored for any longer. Our elected officials  have had years to act on this issue, but large corporations have shaped the U.S’s environmental policies and brought the crisis to a critical point. Celeste believes that we must act to save our planet from extreme weather like flooding, heat waves, sea levels rising, and major droughts.

Celeste also sees environmental projections as economic opportunity.  Arkansas is 11th in the nation for solar power generation potential. We must leverage this potential to provide clean energy to meet business and consumer needs as well as create good local jobs.

To protect the environment, Celeste favors::

  • Implementing a revenue neutral carbon tax and dividend, a measure supported by the bipartisan climate caucus, that would put a tax on carbon emissions by wealthy polluters per ton and then refund the profits of the tax in a dividend to Americans to offset any costs

  • Mitigating the damage already done by climate change through carbon capture and global reforestation projects

  • Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord

  • Building solar power generation that will help fuel economic development and jobs in rural communities and provide clean energy to the power grid 

  • Stopping subsidies to corporations that benefit from the destruction of our natural resources, including oil and gas companies

  • Strengthening, not weakening, the Clear Air and Clean Water Acts which protect public health and safety

  • Investment into nuclear power and ensuring that all reactors meet modern staffing and equipment standards

  • Modernizing our system of levies, dikes, and dams to prevent deadly floods caused by our changing climate

  • Strengthen legal protections for public lands such as national parks, forests, and wildlife reserves