Reforming Our Immigration System

Human migration is as old as humanity. Recognizing that the movement of people is generally in response to a crisis or need, it is incumbent on prosperous nations to maintain immigration policies that are compassionate, responsive, efficient, and humane; policies that value the talents and hard work of immigrants seeking a better life. These policies can be achieved at no detriment to our country’s national security.

Williams believes we must take immediate action to pass comprehensive immigration reform that replaces our arcane, piece-meal immigration policies with a modern immigration system. Our immigration system must serve the needs of families fleeing violence, oppression, and economic hardship caused by climate change and natural disasters; of employers who face critical shortages in key labor markets ranging from agriculture to computer programming; and, undocumented Dreamers who have grown up in this country and who are as American as the rest of us. 

Family units are the building blocks of communities, and keeping families together must be an essential component of immigration reform.

When elected to Congress, Williams will demand an immediate end to forced family separation at the border as well as a thorough investigation to reunite the more than 5,400 children being held in U.S. custody by the Trump administration with their families. We must ensure this cruelty never happens again.  

As a family nurse practitioner and former foster parent, Williams knows the lifelong trauma these forced separations and detentions can cause and believes those affected should receive physical and mental health care services necessary to help them heal.

Williams supports an immigration system that:

  • Places higher value on job skills, rather than country of origin for work permit consideration

  • Includes a guest worker permit structure to expand legal work opportunities to individuals who prefer not to permanently migrate but have job skills needed by U.S. employers

  • Offers refuge to families fleeing violence, oppression, and economic hardship caused by climate change and natural disasters

  • Provides a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and residency rights for their parents

  • Prioritizes keeping family units together

  • Fills labor market shortages and fuels economic growth

  • Maintains and improves the screening and vetting necessary to protect domestic security

  • Is easy to understand and comply with