Standing Up for Workers

Celeste believes in restoring dignity to workers in America. No one working full time should be struggling to afford their basic necessities.

Celeste, as a two-income family of six, understands the reality of working Arkansans, because she herself lives it everyday. In a consumer economy, putting money back into the pockets of workers will positively impact all of us.

While corporate profits are at record highs, workers are not seeing the same growth in wages. Celeste will strengthen the middle class, the economy, and communities all over the Third District.

In Congress, Celeste will support Arkansas workers by:

  • Fighting for a livable wage that keeps up with the cost of living and includes hazard pay for essential workers during times of crisis

  • Ending the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers and workers with disabilities and extending the federal minimum wage to all workers

  • Securing equal pay, universal paid sick and family leave, healthcare for all, and equal protections for all workers

  • Strengthening trade deals to benefit American workers

  • Protecting workplace safety by guaranteeing access to worker’s compensation, maintaining workplace safety standards, and providing necessary personal protective equipment to keep workers safe

  • Fighting for a dignified retirement for our seniors by blocking cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and protecting pensions and 401K programs

  • Enforcing existing labor laws and penalizing companies that do not follow them

  • Protecting whistleblowers who report unsafe conditions or unethical practices

  • Supporting unions which have been the backbone of the working class economy and successfully fought for protections including the weekend, the 40-hour work week, workplace safety standards, the federal minimum wage, and paid vacation and sick days