Strengthening Rural Economies

The zip code you live in shouldn’t determine your outcome in life.  But too many people in Arkansas’s rural communities are being left behind their urban and suburban counterparts when it comes to economic opportunity.  We must ensure that future generations can continue to live, stay, and prosper in the communities they love.

Growing up in a rural community, graduating from high school class of 19 and helping her family by milking cows on the neighboring dairy farm, Celeste understands the unique issues, needs and concerns of rural communities.  Celeste believes in “trickle-up” economics that focuses on helping individuals and businesses earn and keep more money to fuel local economies. Increasing wages, expanding markets for agriculture and clean energy products, and lowering the cost of daily living expenses like childcare, healthcare, housing and transportation, are the keys to helping smaller communities grow and prosper.

Celeste supports policies that strengthen rural economics by:

  • Ensuring contract farmers can make a good living without fear of retaliation for speaking out against unfair prices and practices

  • Providing tax incentives for renewable energy creation through solar, wind and other renewable resources

  • Expanding vocational, technical and higher educational opportunities through distance learning and high school and college partnerships

  • Implementing and enforcing clear, predictable, and stable trade policies that open new markets while protecting American companies' intellectual property

  • Ensuring farmers have the right to maintain and repair the equipment they rely on

  • Creating federally-backed rural investment funds that can be used to help entrepreneurs start businesses that serve and employ people in their own communities

  • Ensuring every community in the country has high speed wireless network access which is necessary to participate in the 21st-century economy

  • Investing in our rural infrastructure by funding improved roads, power infrastructure, irrigation systems, and modern communications