Transforming Healthcare

Celeste believes all human beings need healthcare and financial means should not be used to deny care. No one in America should ever go broke just because they get sick.

As a nurse, nurse educator, and family nurse practitioner for more than 20 years, Celeste has seen first-hand that good health leads to every other good outcome that benefits society - better education, more stable employment, better parenting, increased productivity, and lower overall healthcare costs. That’s why addressing our healthcare crisis will be her top priority in Congress.

Celeste supports healthcare reform that ensures universal coverage, improves quality of care, and lowers costs by:

  • Significantly expanding access to mental healthcare by providing incentives to primary healthcare clinics that locate behavioral health providers in their offices

  • Enabling any individual to have access to a Medicare health plan regardless of age or income

  • Automatically enrolling all newborn babies into Medicare

  • Offering job transition and re-training for the millions of workers currently employed in the private insurance sector

  • Increasing federal reimbursement rates to healthcare providers to ensure smaller and rural hospitals, in particular, can remain open and solvent

  • Ensuring comprehensive coverage for all that includes prescription medication, preventative care, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, chronic disease management, dental, vision and long-term care options

  • Rewarding effective use of care coordination to manage chronic illnesses

  • Expanding access to care in rural communities through telemedicine and incentives for healthcare professionals to practice in more remote areas

  • Addressing non-medical barriers to care like transportation, inflexible employment, and high cost of living that make it difficult to get needed care by increasing reimbursement rates for community health worker services and telemedicine

  • Lowering the cost of healthcare by focusing on prevention and wellness, keeping people healthy and out of the hospital

  • Lowering the price of prescription medication by allowing federal health systems to negotiate prices for prescription medication based on the international price index

  • Creating a public non-profit pharmaceutical company that can manufacture key generic drugs here in the United States to ensure their availability, affordability, and safety

  • Protecting our country against pandemics by properly funding the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and state health departments so they can track, monitor, and prevent novel viruses before they get out of control